Track machine health in real-time
Achieve zero break-down and Maximize reliability

Next generation real-time condition monitoring

Collect real time vibration data from machinery, analyze, interpret, identify the defect and its root cause.

Increase Manufacturing uptime
by monitoring machine health in real-time

Empower your maintenance team with
Akrivia MHM to do predictive maintenance

How Akrivia MHM
Helps Industries

Online condition monitoring followed by predictive maintenance reduces high and unexpected maintenance costs.
We consider your challenges and design a machine condition monitoring system that is
customized for failure modes specific to your equipment.

High Diagnostic Capacity

Hardware having high accuracy and reliability integrated with software having capability to analyse the data and parade the possible reasons for high vibration.

Reduction in Maintenance Costs

Early detection of defects enables the maintenance team to schedule a planned shutdown for predictive maintenance, which cuts maintenance budget year by year and also prevents secondary damages.

Real-Time Data

Real-time monitoring tracks and reports the machine faults at an early stage, facilitating the maintenance team to address them at the earliest without causing further damage.

Low Risk

Continuous online monitoring of machinery minimizes the number of unnecessary physical inspections at heights, confined and remote areas there by lowering man hours and risk.

High Reliability

Keep your reliability graph up always by taking action on time based on early warnings about machine failures.

Remote Tracking

Users can track the machines health updates using any device such as smart phone, computer or tablet whether at home or office.

Suits any Industry
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