Company overview

  • The transformation in the treatment of the information and the evolution of digital processes has generated the need to develop robust and scalable products, oriented to satisfy the demands of customers across multiple verticals.

  • Akrivia Automation established in 2015, is a software product company with operations in India, South East Asia and the Middle East. Our core development centres are in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam, We help enterprises worldwide digitally transform their companies and are focused to provide customers that extra edge which helps them to excel in their relevant competitive markets. Our domain and technical expertise, combined with our in-house experience in integration and manufacturing, gives us the edge where it matters in providing faster, better, and cost-effective solutions than our competitors.

  • Our vision is to play a major role in transforming the industry sector by using technology. Our mission is to be recognized as the best service provider in IoT-enabled services and products.

  • Our major strengths include a systematic process for stakeholder involvement, robust design process, strong and PMI certified project management professionals, functional expertise, and dedicated customer service. We utilize these to provide Reliable, Quality, and Flexible Products.

Our Products

Machine Health Monitoring

Akrivia MHM is a versatile and scalable product to determine your machine health. It uses comprehensive high end 3-axial sensors integrated with user-friendly interface to monitor your reliability related activities 24*7.


FACTTWIN enables automatic collection of manufacturing data from machines and personnel in real-time and processes data to identify causes for production loss, potential areas of improvement, and enables real-time monitoring of your shop floor for continuous improvement.

Human Capital Management

Akrivia HCM is a new age hire to retire platform built with a goal of creating an application with enterprise grade architecture and functionality coupled with a digital native focused user experience. All the modules have been built keeping in mind the future workforce and creating a positive experience throughout.

Our Notable Clients