We're AkriviaMHM

We believe that every factory deserves affordable and easy-to-use digital infrastructure to embrace Industry 4.0. We believe that this digital infrastructure must be easy to install, configure, operate and maintain to engage in continuous improvement to remain competitive.

And most importantly, we believe that every industry should leverage the power of data and intelligent algorithms that help them to take data-driven decisions.

We Believe in Change

Technology is one thing that changes constantly and we believe in it. Our in-house R&D team constantly focuses on building solutions by leveraging latest technologies and embedding them into our products. Our clients can get access to cutting edge technologies and new implementations seamlessly and be relevant in the constantly changing environment. Our customer success is our success; we emphasize on participating in the growth of the company by providing ways to improve productivity and enabling efficient processes to improve machine health and enable predictive maintainance. We believe in change and we enable it.

What Drives Us


We are passionate about finding and solving industrial problems with new approaches by leveraging the latest technologies.

Innovative &
Talented People

We value Innovation. Our talented and committed people focus on building best in class products to enable transformation.

Trust &

We believe that trustworthy, security can make the world a better place in the future. Our products are built using the best security protocols

Fairness &

We believe that enabling a fair & transparent process for data driven decision making is the key to unlock growth.

Culture at AkriviaMHM

Craftsmanship & Transparency
The basis of our culture

We created AkriviaMHM as a place to innovate and use cutting edge technologies to enable digital transformation. Our employees key focus is on innovating ways to continuously improve and create value to our customers through our best in class products. The hard work we do here requires skills and passion beyond the ordinary. We give our employees so much freedom to aspire, learn and grow their careers.

Freedom & Flexibility
Learning &
Work-Life Balance

Together we’ll keep making the difference.

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