main product
Efficient System Architecture
  • Cloud powered
  • Scalable and Durable Architecture
  • User/Role Based Configurations
  • Secured data transmission from local gateway device to cloud server
Data Collection - IoT Gateway
  • Supports all Industrial connectivity protocols
  • Scalable and Ruggedized Hardware
  • Accurate and Real time Data Collection
  • Operator Interface for Manual Data Collection
  • Configurable to collect the Vibration Data from all types of machines
Real Time Monitoring
  • Dashboards with Machine's Status, Condition, Faults, Alarms & Maintenance Metrics
  • Hierarchy and user configurable dashboards
  • Real time Performance feedback
  • Monitoring trends of critical parameters
  • Real time analysis reports
Alerts and Notifications
  • Identify deviations in real time to take proactive actions
  • Roles based and User configurable
  • Email and Text Notifications
  • Staircase architecture for alert escalations
Time Tracking
  • Machine's Condition time tracking
  • Maintenance Activity time tracking
  • Machine's Utilization time tracking
  • Planned and Unplanned downtime tracking
  • Real Time and Historic reports
  • Configurable Parameter reports
  • Downtime analysis, and Utilization reports
  • Export Data in Excel, CSV, PDF. Formats
  • Comparison reports and Trend Analysis reports