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Data Collection
Collects the vibration data from machines at a very high frequency using
Akrivia Integrated Platform
  • Configurable sensor suitable for different machines's requirements.
  • Wifi data transfer from sensor to Akrivia IoT Gateway.
  • Accurate and Error free data collection using reliable and robust architecture.
Data Collected by the sensors is processed & displayed on the form of FFT for indepth analysis.
  • Display of RMS Velocities, Peak-Acceleration in real-time
  • Display of FFT Analysis spectra in real-time.
  • Display of Machine defects in real-time.
Classification of machine condition as per ISO Standards.
  • View 'Observations' - Indicating probable cause of vibration.
  • View 'Recommendations' - for the necessary actions to be taken to bring the vibration levels under control.
  • View 'Trends' of different parameters to access and plan timely maintenance.
To achieve zero breakdown and maximum production, Maintenance is the key factor. Predictive Maintenance plays a major role in it.
  • Get a detailed insights on different maintenance activities and reduce the maintenance costs.
  • Approval & Rejection options will make the maintenance professional approach to quality output.
  • Increase revenue through the maximum uptime and optimal efficiency of machinery.
Overall visibility of machines related to all your facilities/Areas
  • View the overall running status of machines, that gets updated in real-time.
  • View the overall health status of machines in real-time.
  • View Maintenance metrics in terms of machines and loss hours.
  • View ‘Alarms’ status to track maintenance capabilities.
Analytics & Charting
Inbuilt analytics helps to identify the exact areas where improvement is needed to achieve maximum reliability.
  • Get a detailed view of various metrics and trend reports.
  • Optimize the usage of the machine and increase the life of machines through machine utilization analysis.
  • Drill down the machine condition data on multiple parameters to view trends.
  • Run detailed analysis by machine location or area in detailed insights.

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