When machine health really matters, you
need the right technology partner to assist you in
tracking machine health and alerting you with suggestions at right time.

AkriviaMHM uses patented virbration and temperature sensors to collect Vibration and Temperature data from machines and provide intelligence for Predictive maintenance. The data is processed and real time metrics are provided in Dashboards and can be accessed from anywhere using mobile app.It takes you a step ahead in condition monitoring technology.

Accurate Data collection

Collect real time vibration data from machinery, analyze, interpret
and identify the defect and its root cause.

High diagnostic capacity

Highly efficient Hardware, combined with robust S/W helps to analyze data and assists in preventive maintenance

Remote Tracking

Track the machines health updates using any device such as smart phone, computer or tablet whether at home or office.

Real Time data

Real-time monitoring tracks and reports the machine faults at an early stage

100% Realible

Online condition monitoring followed by predictive maintenance reduces high and unexpected maintenance costs

Our implementation strategy

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Connect, predict, individualize, and grow at scale using the data and tools you
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AkriviaMHM integrates with it all.

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